League of Legends VS Heroes of the Storm

League of Legends and Heroes of the Storm are two leading MOBAs in game industry, while Heroes of the Storm is trying to catch up and challenge League of Legends. This week we greet Greymane for his landing on Heroes of Storm and soon Jhin hits the ground of League of Legends. Funny!


Funnier is that we go back to check the recent new ones coming onto both games and here is the result: in October Artanis from HotS followed the step of Kindred from LoL; in November Illaoi from LoL took a little advantage in time over Cho’Gall from HotS; in December LoL got a rest and let Lunara from HotS dance alone; January in the new year Greymane from HotS and Jhin from LoL appeared together.


The two is competing fiercely with new heroes pouring out month after month(Is DotA 2 seating there only watching?). Both of them have thousands of fans and are top eSport games, their competition is proceeded in high-level layer while providing more features to attract players. Also it is a good things for two giants competing, but I expect them to develop new “weapons” to win over that is upgrading technologies and modes to push the MOBA forward just as DotA standing on the shoulder of Warcraft 3 and opening the door for MOBA.


At last I really want to know which one is better and get an idea. What if the two can bring their heroes into the same battlefield?Just as Musou Orochi making Chinese Sanguo Generals and Japanese Sengkou Warriors to fight in the same battleground will make a super-hot piece!

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