Ten Best Champions from the 2v2 Showdown

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

The “Snowdown Showdown” is an annual limited time event in League of Legends that commemorates an in-game celebration called Snowdown. This year the Showdown featured both 1v1 and 2v2 game modes on a snowy version of the Howling Abyss map. The Showdown had some distinct rules for winning which made it feel a lot different than any other mode. Ways to win included reaching 100 CS before the other team, destroying your opponent’s first turret, or scoring two kills on your opponents (usually this meant killing each opponent once but the game also ends in victory if you kill the same guy twice). Unlike other games on the Howling Abyss, you can actually go back to fountain to heal and shop without having to be killed.

Although the Snowdown ended on January 2nd, some champions proved to be better than others in the limited engagements of these game modes. This type of information could be useful in predicting the outcome of matchups on Summoner’s Rift and of course the 2v2 game mode might end up being seen again sometime in the future. Here are the ten best champions to use in 2v2.


Amumu is a good champion for 2v2 because of Bandage Toss and his ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy. Once you learn your ult as Amumu, communicate with your teammate for a well timed all-in assault. Coordinate with your ally to attack with everything he or she has the exact moment you bandage toss into both enemies. Once you do, pop your ult immediately and your teammate should be able to clean them up while they are stunned. One thing you need to watch out for with Amumu is running out of mana by using Despair too often.


Cassiopeia proved to be one of the best champions for the 2v2 Showdown. Her entire kit works well in this limited game mode. Both Noxious Blast and Miasma can be used to clear minions in bunches. The cooldown reduction on Twin Fangs is reduced to just 0.5 seconds if you cast it on an enemy that has been poisoned which gives Cass the highest DPS in the game. Her ultimate is also insane for this mode. When both enemies are facing her, Petrifying Gaze will turn them both to stone. A well timed Cass ult can pretty much end the game in a victory for you.


Caitlyn has the longest basic attack range of any champion in the game at level one. This gives her an advantage of being able to last hit minions while staying out of the effective range of most other champions. She can also poke enemies to wear them down over time as well as keep them away from CS. Caitlyn’s headshot passive is very relevant in this mode because most of the battling is done right next to the bushes in the middle of the lane so she can just sit in them and maximize her headshots. Ace in the Hole is also a nice ultimate ability in this mode because it can net you a kill on a low health champion who otherwise might have escaped.


Kayle’s ultimate, Intervention, is perfect for a game mode in which you want to never die. Intervention can be cast on herself or her teammate to make them completely invincible for a few seconds. Once your ultimate is up, your teammate can dive at the opponents with a little less fear of dying. Once they are close to death, Kayle can pop her ult and save them. Hopefully this will give her teammate (or herself) the extra time needed to finish out a kill before it wears off.


How well you do as Blitzcrank really depends on who your teammate selects as their champion. He plays best with a high damage bruiser (like Riven) or a Marksman. His Rocket Grab ability is really good in this mode. Pulling an enemy to you generally results in their death. This is especially true if Blitz has already learned his ultimate, Static Field. Rocket Grab an enemy to you and your teammate then use Static Field to silence them so they can’t get away. Hitting them with a Power Fist imbued basic attack will further disrupt them by briefly knocking them into the air. Hopefully by the time all this has played out, your teammate has melted your opponent into oblivion for a quick kill. Blitz is also good because he is pretty tanky. Mana Barrier saves lives.


Everything in Morgana’s kit is good in this mode. Tormented Soil can be used to kill bunches of minions, an accurately casted Dark Binding can hold an enemy in place while you and your opponent dominate them, and Black Shield can be used to protect her or her teammate from crowd control effects that might otherwise end the game such as Amumu’s ultimate. Morgana’s ultimate, Soul Shackles, can also be a game ender in its own right by stunning both opponents.


Heimerdinger is good for obvious reasons. There is perhaps no better champion than Heimerdinger at pushing lanes. His turrets can help your team push the lane and ultimately destroy the other team’s tower, thus leading to victory. Heimer is also good at killing minions with his turrets while staying out of danger himself. One thing worth noting, however, is that Heimer’s turrets do count as CS for the enemy team so keep that in mind.


Lux is another good champ at constantly poking while staying out of danger. Light Binding is like Morgana’s Dark Binding but easier to hit because it can snare two enemies instead of just one. Lucent Singularity can be used to clear out groups of minions and threaten to win by reaching 100 CS. Prismatic Barrier is also a very strong ability in this limited mode, especially if you have a melee teammate such as Riven on your side. Prismatic Barrier can save them a lot of damage by granting them an additional barrier prior to each engagement. Her ultimate, Final Spark is always good but can help end games by sniping low health opponents from afar.


Zyra is sort of like Heimerdinger in that her plants can be useful for killing minions from a distance and pushing the lane while Zyra herself stays out of danger. Grasping Roots can also be very useful in holding an enemy champion in place while you and your teammate give him everything you’ve got. Zyra’s ultimate, Stranglethorns, can be very hard to avoid on this map. A well placed Stranglethorns hitting both opponents can turn the tides of a heated battle and lead to a timely victory.


Nether Grasp is just downright silly on this mode. Nether Grasp suppresses an enemy champion for 2.5 seconds while continuously dealing magic damage to them. It may leave Mal himself exposed, but in most situations this won’t matter. Maybe one or your opponents went back to shop. Nether Grasp is a death sentence for the one remaining on the front lines. Or maybe one opponent is already hurt really badly. Nether Grasp the one with more HP and the injured opponent will be less likely to step in to save him. With just two enemy champions on the other team, Malzahar’s Call of the Void spell can effectively silence the entire enemy team in some situations.


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