Jhin The Virtuoso: You Will Never Escape From My Shot!

Jhin is the man in mask and who shows his chill in fights. He is a shooter of a wide range and a tactics master of calculating marksman. Once marked, the enemy will be hard enough to escape from the death call- Curtain Call. He brings his gun to League of Legends and fear to the enemies.


He can launch attacks out of sight with his long attack-range or give the enemies a last shot when they are going to heal themselves away from the frontier. Jhin can be applied in the pre-battle recon and set-up of slow-down traps, or mark them and then take them down on the flee. Only one thing prevents him from the domination on battleground: the slow attack speed and movement, which also makes him to be easily bullied by faster high-burst enemies.



Here is a good piece of gameplay from Redmercy:

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