A Mathematical Game with LoL's 2015 Revenue

The latest report of Worldwide digital games market 2015 revenue is brain-refreshing. There are three boards listing the annual achievements from each game and League of Legends claimed the crown with $ 1.628 billion! Number are so shocking!


Let’s make a small mathematical game with LoL’s 2015 revenue:

1.Games of the same style: LoL is 6.8 times as much as DOTA 2 ($ 238 million)and HotS has not yet penetrated into Top 10;
2.The closest one: Clash of Clans from mobile board with 1.3 billion is almost a Destiny ($ 291million) less than LoL;
3.On company scale: Activision has to summed up all its Top-10s to compete with LoL---Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ($ 355million)+ Destiny ($ 291million)+ Call of Duty: Black Ops III ($ 224million)+ World of Warcraft ($ 814million)= $ 1684 million


OK you can find the details here and start a mathematical matching game with friends in the clod days. The report shows that the mobile Top-10s have exceeded the total amount of Grossing PC Games by $ 129 million. A good PC game needs a long time of development while for mobile games it is short, at the same time mobile games are earning equal amounts to PC games, it is predictable that many more companies will be marching into this hot market.

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