Tanky Nunu Guide and Support Tips

Nunu, the Yeti Rider

1. Summoner Spells
2. Runes
3. Masteries
4. Abilities
5. Items Build
6. Pros and Cons
7. Tips and Tricks for Supports
8. Champion Matchups

Summoner Spells

Exhaust & Flash / Heal & Flash / Exhaust & Ghost / Ghost & Heal

Exhaust Flash / Heal Flash / Exhaust Ghost / Ghost Heal

I prefer the first combination, but the other ones work as well.

Flash Flash provides you with a gap-closer you don't have otherwise and can be used offensive or defensive. Great spell for nearly any situation and any champ. Highly recommended.
Exhaust Exhaust is great for a supporter, it slows down the target and reduces his ASpeed. Great to help your AD Carry to win a trade, catch up on to an enemy or slow down an incoming attacker to move safely away. Works best against high ASpeed Champs.


With the recent patch Heal Heal became an option for the support as well since it heals anyone for 100% of the spells heal amount, back in season 2 it was only 50% for friendly champs in range. So in case you play against a really aggressive Botlane ( Leona + Ezreal for example) you could take heal and your AD Carry takes cleanse to provide a maximum of survivability. Take it when fighting against lots of AoE Damage.
Ghost Ghost works great with Nunus W. He runs up to an enemy, smashes his E into his faces and starts his Ult right next to him. Your AD Carry can catch up and kill the enemy AD Carry who already took some damage and has a massively reduced MSpeed & ASpeed.

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Nunu Runes

Red / Yellow: Flat Armor to survive the early game and reduce the damage.
Blue: Magic Resistance / Level to reduce the AP Carry's damage in mid/Lategame. No need for flat MRES as it's not the main damage source in early game and from level 9 on MRES/Level is better than flat MRES.
Quints: Gold/10seconds - as a supporter you need steady income and with the removal of Heart of Gold it's even more important than before.


Blue: Flat MRes. If you play against an AP Poke Supporter like Sona, Lulu or Leona you might want to take flat MRes instead of Mres / Level. Secures the early game a lot.

  • Flat +26 Health. Great against aggressive burstlanes, even though they will probably focus your AD Carry with their burst so it's not necessary. Better stick to your Gold income to provide your AD Carry Wards and supportive Items.
  • Armor / MRes to get even more tanky. Makes sense when playing against heavily based AD or AP teams.


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Nunu Masteries


Most of the time you will have Exhaust, sometimes Ghost with you. Since Season 3 Exhaust reduces the ASpeed and is an option to be casted on the enemy AD Carry during a trade in lane. This will reduce his Armor & MRes and give you the little Bonus you need in those trades. More useful than the extra 3% MSpeed the Utility tree would provide us with.

Flat Health and Health/Level. Helps your early game a lot.
Flat Armor and MRes are great to lower the incoming damage and help throughout the entire game.
These Points boost your sustainability a lot, you can stay in lane much longer and get a little edge over the other team. We aimed for the +30 Health (> than +26 Health Quints) and got a lot for our 9 invested points!

Reduced Cooldown time on Flash. You never know when you need it again. A must have. Reduced cooldown times on your summoner spells in general are a great addition, it will drop the cooldown on Flash to 255 sec and on Exhaust to 189 sec.
MP Regeneration will help Nunu spam his Nunu Blood Boil, which is essential. Together with an Nunu Ice Blast Nunu definitely needs some MP Regeneration.
Wealth & Greed provide us with some extra gold in the beginning and give us a steady source of income. With the removal of Heart of Gold this is quite important for every Supporter, not only Nunu.
A free short-duration ward and HP&MP Potion is a great boost in the beginning as well. It gives us more options on our early items and should definitely be picked (Rush Philosopher's Stone or get Boots of Speed + Sight Ward to invade - more detailed below).
Awareness is great to have as well, extra EXP Bonus will help us reach level 6 faster and surprise them with a great timed stealth Ulti out of the river bush or something. Compensates for the time you miss exp due to warding in river or at dragon.
I've put a point in Artificer to reduce the cooldown time of activated items. With Season 3 we have a lot of supportive Items with active effects, if you play against a lot of CC you definitely want to get Mikael's Crucible, so this might become crucial. It's more of a flexibel choice, you can put it in Wanderer or Scout if you feel like.
I didn't choose pickpocket because we don't gain much gold from it. It only counts auto attacks and we barely hit other champions, except for teamfights. Not usefull at all during lanening phase and only slightly usefull later on. We don't need an extra 100 Gold in lategame, we much rather want to have reduced cooldowns on our items and summoner spells.

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Nunu Abilities

Skill Order:
R > W > E > Q
Absolute ZeroAbsolute Zero:
It's super effective! It deals damage and slows down MSpeed and ASpeed every enemy in range. It's super secret when fired from inside a bush, the other team won't see the animation. They might notice the Slow/ASpeed reduction, make sure they don't get out. The damage increases the longer the skill lasts (up to 3 seconds) but it can be canceled at any point by simply moving your character.

Blood BoilBlood Boil:
A great Skill. Increasing your and a single friendly targets MSpeed and ASpeed. Friendly targets are Champions as well as your minions so make sure you don't missclick it. Lasts for 15 seconds and makes sure your AD Carry wins early trades as well as lategame trades. Can be used situational for almost everything.
Went back to base and have to rush to protect Baron? -> Speedbuff!
The other team pushes Botlane and you want to counterpush or get there as fast as possible? -> Speedbuff!
Doing secret dragon and have to flee afterwards? -> Speedbuff!

Ice BlastIce Blast:
Again, reducing MSpeed & ASpeed and dealing magic damage. Quite similar to your Ulti but only directed at a single target and the damage is less powerful. Can be used to poke in lane or to slow someone down when you either chase him or flee.

Dealing true damage to a minion and healing yourself. It's your personal smite in Baron/Dragonfights and grants sustain to stay in lane for longer. Quite nice but not that useful for your AD Carry and team so level it only once at some point and don't touch it for a while.

"Nunu can cast a skill for free after 5 (auto-)attacks." It really is that easy. Hit anything for five times and you get 1 free skill. Awesome. You look like OOM (Out of Mana) to your enemy but you can still cast that Ulti from inside the bush you just went in. Surprise!

Please check here for the detailed introduction of the skills.

How to use Skills correctly:

Make sure to Spam your Nunu Blood Boil. Your AD Carry loves it and it makes his whole laning phase much easier. He can dodge skillshots due to his MSpeed buff, he can step up and hit the other AD Carry or rush to get that one last hit. As soon as the skill can be used again cast it on both of you. Make sure not to missclick it on a minion as it would result in 15 seconds without it.
Use Consume wisely. If you use it on Siege Minions coming in every 3rd wave you don't "steal" any lasthits from your AD Carry but still get the heal. A level 1 Consume doesn't kill the melee minions as well but tell your AD Carry beforehand so he can safely last hit. If you actually want a last hit to get some gold you need for an item before going back to base use this skill to ensure you get the last hits. Your auto attacks are not that strong and harder to time than a True-Damage skill.
By maxing Nunu Blood Boil before Ice Blast we provide our AD Carry the maximum support we can offer. If we'd max Ice Blast before we could poke the other team some more by dealing more damage and slowing down some more but the mana costs increase rapidly and we run out of mana much faster. It's not our job to do damage. The small damage difference is barely noticeable. If you play against a really aggressive Botlane ( Leona + Ezreal ) you might want to level your Ice Blast a bit faster to poke them and slow their aggression.
The main reason we use Ice Blast and Absolute Zero is not the damage, but the utility these skills provide. They both reduce MSpeed and ASpeed, either on one or more enemy targets. This will weaken the other team and you can shut them down much faster. It can be used to stop enemies from running away or chasing a teammate and will - correctly used - guide your team to victory.

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Item Build

Nunu Item Build

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Pros and Cons


  • His Nunu Blood Boil is great for your AD Carry, from early till lategame!
  • Lots of debuffs for the enemy
  • "Small" Smite to get save Baron / Dragon
  • Ulti makes the other Team focus him
  • Ulti can be casted invisible out of any bush
  • Quite tanky and with inbuilt sustain (recovers HP with Q, saves MP with his Passive)
  • Nunu can use Blood Boil and Consume on Annie's Tibbers, Malzahar's Voidling, Heimerdinger's H-28G Evolution Turret and Shaco's Jack In The Box.


  • No hard CC
  • Has only one Pokeskill
  • Ultimate can be cancelled
  • His mechanics want him to Autoattack -> Pushes the lane
  • AD Carrys with ASpeed buff tend to push the lane (some still don't know how to last hit without pushing - you find them quite often in SoloQ, even above 1300 Elo. This Buff makes them push even harder ... It might change at a certain level. If premade this should not be the case.)

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Tips & Tricks for Supports

A few Tips & Tricks that I find really helpful. Most of them are useful for every Supportchampand your general support play. Someone has to share them with support beginners!

Turn on Timestamps in your chatlog

  • Helps to see if that "MIA / SS" in the log was called a long time ago or just recently. Also tells you when exactly Dragon & Baron will respawn, that's really important to know and having these times will help your team a lot!
  • How to activate: Press ESC -> More Options -> Show Timestamps

Call SS / MIA on botlane

  • You AD Carry is busy enough lasthitting every single CS and therefore it's your job to call SS / MIA when the one or two enemy champs are missing on your lane. If you know they went back tell your team, they might gank somewhere before coming back to botlane if their lane is still pushed to your tower.

Expand Chatlog

  • Helps to find relevant respawn times and calls much faster.
  • How to use: Press & hold Y (Europeans) / Z (Americans).

Times of Baron & Dragon

  • Baron Nashor: Spawns for the first time after 15 minutes. His buff lasts for 4 minutes and he will respawn exactly 7 minutes after his death.
  • Dragon: Initial spawn time is 2:30 minutes into the game. Will respawn exactly 6 minutes after his death.

Calling out Wards

  • If you spot the enemy team warding somewhere inform your team. Ping the place and write in chat so your jungler won't waste any time waiting in a bush while being spotted for ages.
  • Remind them a ward ran of after 3 minutes and re-ping. If you have vision over the spot make sure to notice if they place another ward.

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Credits: Amsterdem
You can keep an eye on his guide for any updates.

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