League of Legends European eSport Site Opened

Claiming the #1 place in 2015 Digital Game Market Revenue, League of Legends has its eSport site launched in European countries and operated by digital agency Clock.


The new site has launched initially in French, German, Spanish and Polish. It aims to deliver a world-class experience for followers of the European LoL professional teams and to introduce new players into the competitive arena with compelling local content. The fan community is at the centre of the new design. LoL fans are highly engaged and are keen to consume as much content as possible, be it game news, video coverage, league tables or statistics. Social sharing is fully integrated into the design and features include the facility to show or hide game results that have taken place before the user has caught up on streamed games that they may have missed.


It is good for LoLers to have a localized site to discuss and share experience, as well as get latest news of exciting competitions. Click here to catch the latest news! (PS: You can change the language in the top-right area)

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