Five most overrated League of Legends Champions

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

It seems like anytime anybody ever has a good game in League of Legends, the opposing team always credits the champion you’re using instead of acknowledging that maybe you just played very well. “Anybody can do well with (insert champ name here)” is an excuse you’ll hear a lot. Many champions are routinely called overpowered even though they don’t have very impressive win rates. This article highlights the top five most overrated champions in League of Legends. Keep in mind, just because a champ is on this list doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad. It simply means they don’t really live up to the hype they are given.



Over the last month, Leblanc has a 44.29% win rate. This is the third worst win rate in the game (only Olaf and Urgot are currently worse with 39.83% and 42.66% win rates respectively). Leblanc is undoubtedly a good champion because she can deal tons of damage in a very short amount of time. Arm her with a Deathfire Grasp and Rabadon's Deathcap and she can melt pretty much any target within a matter of seconds. That being said, she’s also really squishy. Although she has some evasion built into her kit such as Distortion and her passive Mirror Image, Leblanc players still seem to die a lot. With a difficulty rating of “9,” you also need to know what you are doing to play her successfully. A true OP champ will get you kills on auto-pilot and Leblanc does not fall into that category.



Ezreal is definitely a fan favorite considering he ranks amont the top five most played champions of all-time. His performance stats are not very impressive, however. He currently has just a 47.29% all-time win rate which means that he loses more than half the time. Ezreal simply doesn’t do as much damage as other Marksman classified champions which leads to people taking Vayne more often nowadays. One of Ezreal’s strong suits is his ability to poke and harass enemy champions while staying away from them himself. Other Marksman such as Graves and Caitlyn can therefore end up countering Ezreal. Caitlyn’s range helps her a lot in this matchup and Graves’ whole kit is good against Ez.



When Darius was first released in 2012, the forums were literally filled with complaints about how overpowered he was because of his true damage, auto-refreshing ultimate. People begged Riot to nerf him! After awhile Riot actually listened and did nerf his ult so that it did not refresh after a kill with it unless that kill happened within a certain amount of time after first casting it. Then it goes on cooldown no matter what. Now Darius is nowhere near as good as he once was but people still say he’s easy to dominate with. If that is true, why does Darius only have a 49.37% win rate in the last month? Losing a little more than half your games isn’t the mark of an OP champ. Consecutively dunking a group of low HP champs for a bunch of easy kills may not take skill, but where does that leave Darius players the rest of the game when his ult is on cooldown? Darius is not nearly as god-like as people make him out to be.



People hate playing Akali because she can disappear pretty much at will and attack you before you have a chance to hit her back. Although she is definitely annoying to play against when you don’t have vision-granting items, Akali is nowhere near as OP as people say. Over the last month Akali has accumulated a 48.16% win rate. Not too impressive. Spending a little bit of gold on some vision wards throughout the game will negate her Twilight Shroud ability and make her much less dangerous. She is also countered by one of the most played champions in the game – Lee Sin. Champions that can deal damage to nearby enemies without having to target them are also good against Akali because they can damage her while she is invisible. There are a lot of choose from but some examples of such champions include Garen, Renekton, and Mordekaiser.



Like other champs on this list, lots of players think Kha’Zix is greatly overpowered. According to statistics from, Kha’Zix is one of the most banned champions in draft pick games on Summoner’s Rift, having been banned in roughly 25% of games in the last month. Clearly people fear Kha’Zix, but why? He only has a 46.27% win rate over the last month. This puts him in the bottom 10 champions with the worst win rates in the game. Kha’Zix can dominate in low elo games where players don’t really know how to deal with him so perhaps that is why he has obtained a reputation for being OP. As long as you don’t allow Kha’Zix to completely surprise you when you are isolated, you should be able to keep him from owning you. Additionally, Kha’Zix is countered by Lee Sin who again, is one of the most often played champions in the game (Lee’s E can effectively counter Kha’Zix’s ultimate).

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