League of Legends Jhin Champion Review

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

Jhin, The Virtuoso is the newest League of Legends champion to be released. He is a Marksman who specializes in sitting back and chipping away at you from the safety of the back lines. Fair warning before delving into the meat of this champion review: because Dominion is being retired on February 22, I’ve been playing that mode pretty much exclusively and so this review is written from the perspective of Dominion. If that mode isn’t your cup of tea then this review may not be of interest to you.

With that being said, Jhin is one of the most broken Dominion champions in the game. It is quite obvious he was not balanced with this game mode in mind (many champions aren’t – which is why they are retiring it). Jhin pretty much single handedly makes Dominion matches unplayable. The reason for this is his skillset is the definition of unfun.



Jhin’s passive ability is called Whisper and has three different parts to it. The first part is called Death in 4 Acts. The downside to this is that Jhin’s basic attacks use ammunition and every four attacks he has to reload which takes him a few seconds downtime. His attack speed also cannot be increased except from champion growth, any bonus attack speed is converted into additional attack damage.

The upside to Death in 4 Acts is that the fourth basic attack is a guaranteed critical strike that also deals between 15% and 25% of the target’s missing health, based on Jhin’s champion level. The numbers on this are a little over the top, especially on Dominion where most people play tanky champions. If you’re missing two thousand HP, then the bonus passive damage alone adds 500 damage to the attack, not to mention the critical hit bonus damage. That’s a little ridiculous to be honest. It’s comparable to Vayne’s Silver Bolts. Yes Silver Bolts deals true damage, but you also need to land three consecutive hits on the same target. Whisper is just the fourth attack, no matter who the other three hit. Silver Bolts is also a regular ability for Vayne and takes up one of her ability slots. Whisper is free for Jhin because it is his passive. Doesn’t need to be learned or leveled up and doesn’t even really take up his passive slot because it has numerous other benefits. Since True Damage is pretty OP, I can’t really say Whisper is better than Silver Bolts, but at the very least they are comparable abilities.

The second leg of Whisper grants Jhin a large amount of bonus attack damage based on his character level, his critical strike chance, AND his bonus attack speed. This makes ALL of his basic attacks hit fairly hard, not just the fourth one.

The third effect of Whisper is that Jhin’s critical strike damage is reduced, but landing critical strikes give him a large movement speed bonus. It’s a trade off between damage and mobility, but as any Dominion veteran will tell you, mobility is king on this map. This bonus speed allows Jhin to kite enemies with the best of them. Jhin is also getting so much bonus attack damage from the other two pieces of this passive he doesn’t NEED full critical strike damage. He usually is one of the top damage dealers in the game anyway.


Jhin’s Q is called Dancing Grenade. This is the ability you want to learn and level up first as it is his main damage dealing ability outside of his basic attacks. Casting it will launch a grenade at an enemy exploding for damage which scales both based on AD and AP. The ratios on this are pretty respectable (50% and 60% respectively). It can also bounce to up to three additional units which makes it an incredibly useful ability on Dominion since this mode is all about team fights. Jhin can use Dancing Grenade to hit most of your team with relative ease. Since Dancing Grenade bounces from enemy to enemy, Jhin can cast it on a minion within range and have it bounce onto an enemy champion who is pretty far away. This is just one of many mechanisms in Jhin’s arsenal that hurts enemies from a distance.

Jhin’s W is called Deadly Flourish and is one of the main abilities which makes him broken on Dominion. Deadly Flourish has two parts to it, a passive and an active ability. The passive portion of the ability marks an enemy champion that has been recently damaged by Jhin’s basic attacks or ANY allied damage. We’ll come back to what that does later, though.


When activated, Jhin fires a long-range shot in a target direction dealing full damage to the first enemy champion it hits and reduced damage to any other enemies it hits and goes through along the way. The problem this ability poses on Dominion is that it has a range of 2,500. This means Jhin can literally be shooting you from across your entire monitor screen. For comparison, Caitlyn’s Ace in the Hole ultimate only has a range of 2,000 when first learned and 2,500 when leveled up the first time at level 11. Although Ace in the Hole is targeted and Deadly Flourish is a skillshot, it’s still a little absurd that Jhin has a regular ability with equivalent range as other champion’s ultimates. Deadly Flourish also deals pretty solid damage with a 70% AD scaling ratio and has a cooldown of just 14 seconds (Ace in the Hole’s CD is 90 to 60 seconds).

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