Aurelion Sol: LoL New Champion Seems to Be Coming Soon!

League of Legends developer, Riot Games, published a new video to its YouTube and Facebook page, introducing the new dragon champion. Check out the video below:

In the past two weeks, you have been constantly getting some clues about the new champion. Initially, it was announced by the official that the planed dragon champion, Ao Shin, is no longer in development. Instead, it was replaced by another dragon champion named Aurelion Sol. But the status of Aurelion Sol still stays a mystery.

Actually, from the above video, you still don’t know much about Aurelion Sol but it seems to be a powerful space dragon.

However, it seems to confirm that Pantheon is actually witnessing the coming of Aurelion Sol in another teaser just published a few days ago.


It was heard that Aurelion Sol is a name that derives from "Aurum", meaning gold or golden, where as Sol is the name of a star, or sun. Basically, his name is "Golden Sun". Given that those on Mount Targon worship Celestial Gods, foremost of which is the sun, such kind of guess really makes sense.

Regardless of what we have got now, let's just wait for the coming of Aurelion Sol to League of Legends.

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