Reworked Zilean, Mordekaiser, and Veigar Champion Reviews

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

The League of Legends 5.4 patch brought about a lot of major game changes. In addition to completely taking the Revive Summoner Spell out of the game, various champions and items also got tweaked in an attempt to keep the game balanced. Several champions got changed so the point of having their whole kits completely reworked. Zilean, Mordekaiser, and Veiger all got reworks in this patch. But did they get better or worse?


Let’s start off looking at Zilean. The biggest change to Zilean was made to his Time Bomb ability. Rather than just placing a bomb on an enemy or allied unit, now each bomb is a lobbed skill shot with an area of effect. This obviously makes it harder to land but there are some extra perks that actually make it better this way. First of all, if you miss the skill shot the bomb lands on the ground and then if a unit walks over it, the bomb attaches to them. So it’s not a straight up skill shot in the sense that if you miss it, it’s wasted. It can still be quite useful as location control. For example, throwing a bomb in the path of an enemy chasing you will likely cause them to hesitate because nobody wants to pick up a ticking time bomb!


The damage of Time Bomb got nerfed slightly but the range was increased from 700 to 900 which make it kind of like lobbing an artillery shell. A stunning effect also got added to the ability where if you hit the same enemy with a second bomb while the first bomb on them is still ticking it will immediately detonate the first bomb and stun all enemies within an area of effect for up to 1.5 seconds. Keep in mind that since the bomb’s timer is a lot less than the cooldown timer on the spell itself, you’ll likely need to use Rewind in order to land two bombs on someone at the same time. The timer on each bomb also was reduced from a four second delay to a three second delay. One second doesn’t sound like much but it used to feel like forever before your bombs blew up. Overall, the new Time Bomb has much more utility and is clearly better than the old version.

Zilean’s Rewind ability got nerfed in that it no longer reduces the cooldown on his ult. It only reduces the cooldowns on Time Bomb and Time Warp. Speaking of Time Warp, the mechanics on that spell all got changed around as well. The duration of the effect was decreased, the mana cost was decreased, and the cooldown timer was decreased. The latter two decreases obviously being good things with the duration decrease being a nerf.

The movement speed effect was improved so that with each level of the ability, the effect gets stronger and stronger. Rather than just increasing or decreasing movement speed by 55% at all levels, it starts at +40% then goes all the way up to +99%. So at max level you can literally double an ally’s (or your own) movement speed for 2.5 seconds. The new Time Warp in combination with the new Time Bomb make Zilean an actual viable champion on fast paced game modes like Dominion because he can just zip around the battlefield. Few champions can catch someone when they activate a +99% movement speed burst. Don’t forget Time Warp can also be used on enemies. A 99% movement speed reduction for 2.5 seconds is a little bit ridiculous. Combine that with a possible 1.5 second stun from Time Bomb…

The new Zilean is much more useful than the old version. His bombs blow up faster and he can move faster.

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