With Stars Orbiting, Aurelion Sol Will Forge Your Bravery Into Dust

Aurelion Sol is the champion conveying the title of Star Forger and the majestic power of melting anything in sight. He is a medium range mage who deals massive area of effect damage with the orbiting stars. Another powerful champion will debut in the battlefields of League of Legends.


With three stars orbiting around, Aurelion Sol will have a constant and periodical damage. It seems that his attacks will not go further beyond the stars, but when W is activated the ranged will be stretched out. Beside the stable output from the stars, they can be activated by Q to provide a stunning effect whenever each of them hits nearby enemies, so try to make a right time to knock enemies out with a hit-and-run tactic. Also with the skill Q can help you to go solo in the jungle.




Gameplay from Pants are Dragon:

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