The League of Legends 5.5 Patch Has Caused a Problem

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

The League of Legends 5.5 Patch was released on March 11th and with it came a laundry list of game changes including champion tweaks, bug fixes, graphical interface changes, and some brand new items. Unfortunately one of the cool new items doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

Riot Games has been teasing their new +120 ability power item for awhile now. Ever since they removed Deathfire Grasp from the game, it needed a replacement. The newly Luden's Echo is supposed to be that replacement. Luden’s Echo costs 3,100 gold and gives you +120 ability power, +7% movement speed, and has a passive that works similar to Statikk Shiv but with damage dealing abilities rather than basic attacks. It’s not quite a Deathfire Grasp but is still a useful item. At least, on the maps you can build it correctly.

League of Legends 5.5 Patch

Luden's Echo normally builds out of a Needlessly Large Rod and an Aether Wisp. The problem is, the Needlessly Large Rod can’t actually be purchased on some game modes. Shops on The Crystal Scar (Dominion) and Twisted Treeline do not have a Needlessly Large Rod available to purchase as a standalone item. The only way you can even find it on the shop is by going into the recipe for an item that requires it (Luden’s Echo for example). It doesn’t exist as its own item that you can find by categorizing the shop via ability power for example.

Normally requiring a few extra clicks wouldn’t be that much of an issue but even if you find it via the Luden’s Echo recipe, you still can’t buy one! Double clicking the Needlessly Large Rod does nothing. No matter how many times you click the darn thing the shopkeeper just won’t let you have it. It’s unbuyable. This means you can only acquire a Luden’s Echo by first buying an Aether Wisp to knock 850 gold off the steep 3,100 gold price tag. Then you need to save up a hefty 2,250 gold to finish off Luden’s Echo from Aether Wisp alone.

Considering it has already been several days since the patch was released, Riot Games is most likely not even aware of this issue. The fact this glitch doesn’t happen on Summoner’s Rift or Howling Abyss just further goes to show how neglected The Crystal Scar and Twisted Treeline truly are. I have reached out to Riot about the problem but as of this writing have yet to hear back. Hopefully it gets sorted out quickly because as it is, Luden’s Echo remains out of the price range of most Dominion and Twisted Treeline players, requiring 2,250 gold at one time to get one. That is a shame because the Echo is a really fun item to mess around with. At least Bami’s Cinder works though.

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