Cosplay Spotlight: Interview with Miyuki Cosplay

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

League of Legends

Photograph by D.I.S/C Photography

How did you first get into cosplaying?

I actually cosplayed for the first time because my friend wanted a cosplay partner for Anime North 2012. I made my first costume overnight to meet the deadline, and just really enjoyed the experience and so I continued to cosplay!

Who is the first character you ever cosplayed as?

My first cosplay was FFX-2 Lenne songstress.

Which League of Legends characters have you cosplayed so far?

I have cosplayed Classic Ahri, Battle Bunny Riven, Heartseeker Akali (and a pool party version), and Secret Agent Miss Fortune.

League of Legends

Photograph by D.I.S/C Photography

Any plans for future LoL cosplays?

Yes! Sivir (Chinese splash art) is currently in the works.                         

Who is your favorite character in the game?

I have many favorite champions, mostly mages. At the moment, the one I play the most is Karma (mid and top). Other champions that I enjoy playing are Zyra, Lissandra, Swain, and Vel'koz. Poking as a mage is just too satisfying.

Which champion do you hate playing against the most?

Because I play squishy AP champions, I sometimes have a hard time laning against assassins. I always ban Zed if I get the chance!

League of Legends

Photograph by Wilson Lau

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