Riot States No Plans To Port League of Legends to Consoles

It is no surprise that with League of Legends success, came speculation that Riot would eventually port the game to consoles, or mobile. With games like Heroes Order And Chaos being a popular MOBA for mobile, it has been shown that people are susceptible to the MOBA genre being on touch screen devices.

League of Legends Consoles

However, even with mobile success of MOBA titles, such as Heroes Order And Chaos, and Smite plunging its way into the console market, the king of the MOBA scene has no plans to go in that direction. Following an announcement of a deal between Tencent – which Riot is a subsidiary of – and Microsoft, created speculation of a Xbox One port, but Riot was quick to shut down any of that speculation. A Riot representative stated the following:

“Today’s announcement mentioning League of Legends has generated a lot of speculation in the LoL player community. We’d like to clarify that our focus is on making sure League plays great on Mac and PC. No plans for console, mobile or other platforms at this time.”

League of Legends Consoles

That’s certainly great news if you are a current fan of League of Legends on the PC. Especially since any resources taken away from the PC client, would either slow development times of vital patches, or require Riot to hire more staff. Those of you in the mobile or console camp though may be saddened over this news, however on the mobile side you still have Heroes Order And Chaos to play, and on the Xbox One, Smite is around the corner.

What do you think of League of Legends not coming to mobile and consoles? Leave a comment below!

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