Vel’Koz League of Legends Champion Review

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

Vel’Koz the Eye of the Void is the most recently released champion for League of Legends. Vel’Koz is an ability power based champion that relies heavily on keeping distance between himself and his enemies. Vel’Koz is lacking in escape abilities but all of his spells have considerable range to them so this shouldn’t be as much of an issue as long as you keep up your map awareness.



Vel’Koz’s passive is called Organic Deconstruction and can be very useful. Basically he applies a stack of “Deconstruction” every time he hits an enemy champion with a spell. Stacks remain on an enemy for seven seconds and when you hit three stacks, it deals between 35 and 205 true damage to them (based on level). True damage is always strong since it completely ignores any defenses but it’s not easy to get three stacks of Deconstruction on someone considering all of his abilities are skillshots. Utilizing Organic Deconstruction to its full potential will take some experience, skill, and patience.

Vel’s ‘Q’ is Plasma Fission which is a skillshot that comes with a pretty hardcore slow at level one. Upon hitting an enemy, reaching maximum range or being reactivated after casting it, Plasma Fission splits into two shots that travel perpendicular to the initial line. This makes it very useful against groups of enemies because you can hit several with it if they are bunched up. Plasma Fission slows enemies by 70% of their movement speed and deals a good bit of magic damage. In fact, Plasma Fission has the highest AP ratio of any of his abilities, equaling that of his ultimate. Generally you will want to learn this ability first since slowing someone by 70% at the beginning of the game can lead to some quick kills if they overextend. Plasma Fission has a range of 1,050.


Void Rift can be useful in destroying minion waves as well.

Void Rift is how you will probably apply most of your Deconstruction stacks outside of ulting since it has a cooldown of just 1.5 seconds. Vel’Koz can store up to two charges of this spell and when you cast both of them, the recharge time is lengthier (between 19 to 15 seconds). This ability deals damage in a two-pronged approach. Vel’Koz opens a long line in the ground, dealing an initial round of magic damage to those it hits. After a short delay, the line detonates dealing more magic damage to enemies standing on it. This is another good ability to use on multiple enemies in team fights since you can damage them all at once and shooting a Void Rift into a group of people will usually send them scattering before it blows up. Learn this ability second. Void Rift also has an effective range of 1,050.


The area of effect on Tectonic Disruption can hit multiple enemy champions.

Vel’Koz has yet another crowd control laced ability called Tectonic Disruption. Tectonic Disruption is an area of effect spell that deal magic damages to enemies and also suspend enemies for a little less than a second. It’s worth noting that suspending an enemy doesn’t count as knocking them airborne so this can’t be combined with Yasuo’s ultimate ability for example. Since Vel does not have any real escape mechanisms like dashes or teleports, Tectonic Disruption can be used to that end if an enemy gets up close and personal. Learn and level this ability last. It has a range of 850.

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