League of Legends Unveils 2 New Champions Xayah and Rakan

League of Legends has unveiled two new champions today, lovers and rebels Xayah and Rakan debut as a marksman and support duo. The couple will join League of Legends next month as an ADC-supoort duo. The two champions will have their unique communications such as romantic talks and skill connections, even a special jumping recall.


Rakan is an extremely mobile support, darting in-and-out of danger, disrupting enemies and buffing allies with an assortment of shields and heals. Rakan works best as a lovable distraction, leading his opponents in a deadly dance.


Rakan players should share his love of the spotlight, and prepare for a mechanical challenge if they want to perfect each charm, heal, knockup, and shield. Every encounter is a new dalliance with danger, and none take it less seriously than Rakan.

video by Remus

Some ADCs can charge straight into combat and start blowing stuff up, but Xayah works best if you take some time to create a game plan. Smart Xayah players will use minion waves to plant fields of barbed feathers,daring opponents to step within their range. When the battle begins, the Rebel gracefully flits around the outskirts of the conflict, slicing up targets with Double Daggers and using her feathers to create a zone of control.


When the fighting gets hot, Featherstorm can save Xayah from the mayhem or smother her enemies. The best Xayah players will use her ult to achieve both at once, using the brief untargetability to dodge an enemy ultimate while also surging forward to spike with knives and feathers. If Xayah's good, you won't notice her at all—until, suddenly, she's swooping in for the kill.


You can visit the champion kit for the new champions here, and more information for League of Legends.

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