What is She Praying for Before Garen?

Recent in China an elderly woman was kneeling before a statue of Garen of League of Legends outside an Internet cafe and doing some prays. Actually she was supposed to pray to Lord Guan for protection, but this Garen appeared to be too much alike and she mistakenly prayed to the wrong one.


This is Lord Guan:


Lord Guan (full name Guan Yu) was one of the most famous generals and warriors in the Three Kingdoms Period or even in China’s history. His bravery and great loyalty to brother made him a God or supreme guardian for folks, the vows made before him is considered to be holy. The elderly woman must be facing some difficulties and going to Lord Guan for comfort and this Garen successfully disguised the image, instead of telling her the truth I want to pray to Lord Garen too  to ease herif he could.

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