How the League of Legends 4.5 Patch Affects Dominion

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

Riot Games recently released patch 4.5 for League of Legends and it brought about a lot of changes that dramatically affect the Dominion game mode. Here are some of the changes from the 4.5 patch that will impact Dominion the most.


One of the biggest features of the 4.5 was the rune modifications. Seals of scaling armor, health/scaling health, and health regeneration as well as glyphs of scaling cooldown reduction, scaling magic resist, and mana regeneration/scaling mana regen all received significant buffs. Quintessences of cooldown reduction/scaling cooldown reduction and attack speed got buffs while quints of life steal got slightly nerfed. Seals that give you a flat armor bonus also got nerfed (for all the exact numbers check out the official patch notes).

These rune changes affect Dominion more than other game modes because of how quickly champions level up on The Crystal Scar. Usually by the time you first engage the enemy team at the Windmill, you are already at level four. This means that seals of flat armor or seals of flat magic resist no longer are really worth using after the buffs to the scaling runes.

For example, a seal of armor now grants you a flat +1 armor per seal. The seal of scaling armor was increased to +0.16 armor per seal so you are getting +1.12 armor by level seven. Considering you are constantly gaining passive experience in Dominion, you will be level seven in no time. That’s what makes the scaling runes is so much more worth it. Even at level four, when you first engage your opponents, a scaling armor seal is still giving you +0.64 armor so you aren’t even making much of an early game sacrifice like you would on Summoner’s Rift where you start at level one.


The same can be said of magic resist glyphs to a lesser extent. The flat glyph of magic resist still grants +1.34 MR, that wasn’t changed in the patch. The scaling glyph was improved to +0.16 per level. Although the flat magic resist glyph is a little better than the recently nerfed armor seal, it’s still better to use the scaling glyph thanks to buff it received from the 4.5 patch. The scaling magic resist glyph will surpass the usefulness of the flat one by level nine. It’s very rare to see a Dominion game where players don’t at least reach level 10.

Cooldown reduction glyphs and quintessences got a 50% buff in the patch. This is huge because players can now get up to 30% cooldown reduction just by using glyphs and quints of scaling cooldown reduction. The flat CDR quints got improved to +2.5% CDR each so even if you were to just use three quints, that is +7.5% CDR right there. You can also get another +5% cooldown reduction from the offensive mastery tree so with runes and masteries combined, you can nearly max out your cooldown reduction without the need of items. In-game cooldown reduction items are generally found in denominations of 10% so keep that in mind when you are deciding how many cooldown reduction runes/quints to use. For example, it would be a waste to use three cooldown reduction quints to get +7.5% CRD because that additional 2.5% from the third quint will end up being wasted when you buy an item to round that off. On the other hand, 5% CDR from two quints can be combined with the 5% from masteries to form a nice round 10%.

Aside from the rune revisions, the new Rengar rework could also end up having a big influence on Dominion because his Bonetooth Necklace item was re-designated as a trinket. Trinkets don’t typically play a role in Dominion (at least not yet) so the fact that Rengar now has a useful trinket gives him an advantage over other champions. He can now have seven total items compared to just six for other champs. Not to mention the fact Bonetooth Necklace is doesn’t cost him a penny!

One of the other changes from the patch that could end up having important implications for Dominion is the buff to the Alacrity boots enchantment. This enchantment now grants +20 extra movement speed (increased from +15) which makes it even more of a useful item in Dominion because speed and battlefield mobility are king on The Crystal Scar. The additional movement speed from boots enchanted with Alacrity can help in defense of your capture points by allowing you to reach them before the enemy can neutralize them.


Dominion is a fast-paced, action-packed game mode that doesn’t get nearly as much respect as it deserves. New to the game mode? Be sure to check out my Four Reasons You Should Play Dominion and my Five Dominion Tips articles to learn more about it.

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