Top 10 Worst Dominion Champions in League of Legends

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

Previously on my column I talked about the top ten most broken champions in Dominion. This time around we’ll be looking at the top ten worst Dominion champions in League of Legends. These are champions that you will rarely see anybody playing and when they are in a game, they generally get owned. If you manage to dominate as one of THESE champions then you know it is through sheer skill (and maybe a little luck) and not because the champ is OP or broken.

10) Thresh

For an all too brief moment in time, Thresh was actually one of the best Dominion champions in League of Legends. So how does one go from among the best to one of the worst? In a previous patch, back when Riot Games still cared about the now derelict mode of Dominion, they made a Crystal Scar-specific balance change to Thresh in which he would get credit for four souls anytime he collected one. This four soul boost made Thresh very dangerous. So dangerous in fact, Riot nerfed the soul collection boost down to two souls per one collected. This still sounds pretty good on paper. At least he’s getting double credit right?


Well as it turns out double credit isn’t enough and Thresh fell back down to the scum-tier. Dominion is a very fast-paced mode so he doesn’t have a whole lot of time to collect souls. This is especially true if you try to play him top. Thresh is best played bot lane so that he can farm for souls but even then there’s so many better options for bot lane champs like Malzahar, Swain, or even Mordekaiser that Thresh is useless compared to them.

Thresh just doesn’t deal enough damage to be strong enough on Dominion anymore. Death Sentence is an easy grab to anticipate and dodge, unlike Blitzcrank’s Rocket Grab or Amumu’s Bandage Toss for example. The brevity of the Age of Thresh has not motivated Riot to re-buff his soul collection ratio. He now ranks among the bottom five in lowest Dominion win rates over the last month according to charts on lolking.

9) Karthus

Karthus isn’t effective in Dominion either. He’s slow, he chews through a lot of mana, and his spells are really easy to miss. Requiem has such a high cooldown that you’ll only get to cast it a few times because Dominion games end much quicker than Summoner’s Rift games. It’s also not as useful. Picking off some low health champions with Requiem on Summoner’s Rift can result in your team pushing lanes and destroying towers. In Dominion, it doesn’t contribute much of anything to your team because a low health champion probably wouldn’t stay to defend a capture point anyway so picking them off as they are recalling in a bush doesn’t help your team capture nor defend, it just pads your stats. Requiem can be used to interrupt opponents that are neutralizing or capture a tower on the other side of the map, but that only ends up saving you a couple of Nexus points by delaying them a few seconds.


The main advantage of playing Karthus in Dominion is that he can still cast spells after he dies so that means if he is defending a capture point, he can continue to forestall his opponents for several seconds even after his death. This can buy precious time for reinforcements to arrive and take up the mantle of defense. Most players don’t like dying though, so passives that reward you for dying are often underutilized.

Karthus has one of the lowest Dominion win rates over the last month.

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