League of Legends: Reworked Rengar Champion Review

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

Reworking old League of Legends champions seems to be all the rage these days and Rengar is the latest champion to have a full rework as part of the recently released 4.5 patch. According to statistics charts at elophant.com and lolking.net, Rengar’s win rate has actually fallen since the patch was released. Rengar is played less than 10% of the time across all game modes. Let’s take a look at some of the major changes and see why.



Rengar’s passive, Unseen Predator, got slightly nerfed so that now he becomes visible at the beginning of his leap rather than in the middle of it. The nerf cuts down on Rengar’s ability to ambush foes from the bushes. This is a puzzling change since Rengar is supposed to be a god-tier hunter and yet Riot has seemingly taken one of his main tools for ambushing unsuspecting enemy champions and made it weaker. Now enemy champions have slightly more time to identify and react to Rengar’s leap.


Savagery was, in my opinion, heavily nerfed as well. When activated, the old ability used to give Rengar increased physical damage on his basic attacks as well as up to 50% increased attack speed. The new Savagery got rid of the attack speed bonus altogether and also decreased the base physical damage bonus per level. Riot made up for this by slightly increasing the AD ratio when you level up the ability. Basically it will do more damage late game when you have more AD but less damage early on. This improved late game damage doesn’t negate the loss of attack speed, though. 50% attack speed bonus is nothing to sneeze at and gave Rengar a lot of his burst damage. With that gone, the new Savagery is just simply a worse ability. It is also no longer usable on structures which can be very relevant on Summoner’s Rift in terms of taking down turrets, inhibitors, or even the Nexus.

Empowered Savagery seemingly got a damage reduction but Riot also added a 10% bonus to Rengar’s attack damage on top of the ability’s damage calculation formula. So activating Empowered Savagery now increases Rengar’s AD by 10% and then uses the newly raised AD to calculate damage based on the following formula: 10 + (10 * level) (+ 150% AD). Since the damage scale is now based on Rengar’s champion level instead of the skill’s level, it deals less damage early on but more damage in the late game.


Battle Roar was changed so that it gives a lower bonus armor and magic resistance but this bonus can now be increased by 50% per enemy champion or large monster hit. This actually makes the ability worse in most situations because now you have to work to get back the armor and magic resist bonus that Rengar otherwise would have just had normally. For example, the old Battle Roar could give +15 bonus armor and magic resist when activated. The new Battle Roar only gives +10. Once you hit an enemy champion, you make up that other +5, but you never used to have to do that before. The benefit to this new perk is that there’s no cap on the extra bonuses so you can rack up larger armor/MR bonuses by hitting other champions. When you consider the fact that you would normally be ambushing an enemy champion who is isolated from his or her teammates, being able to buff up your bonus by hitting other champs doesn’t really have any impact on Rengar’s ability to duel because nobody else is around. It does make Rengar better in group fights, though.

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