League of Legends: Mid-season Magical Changes

As MSI going on, Riot games just rolled out a really big update patch for League of Legends - Mid-season Magic!


"Mages are one of League’s most established classes but, over the years, their strategic identities have become muddied and their gameplay hasn’t kept up with evolving standards."

With such concerns, the new update is almost about bringing distinction, cohesion and game health to mages, giving them a unique reason to be picked! Although I don't think mages are that weak and small, eager for necessary buffs, I am still pleased to see Riot make every effort to make the game more interesting and refreshing. Anyway, with new update coming, mages are going to take center stage this time.


In short, the Mid-season Magic involves three parts, update and buffs of Mage Champions, rework and reinforcement of Mage items and Brand new elemental dragons.

To be noted, there are three new Mage items coming out this time, Lost Chapter, HEXTECH GLP-800 and HEXTECH PROTOBELT-01. New Magic items with new mechanism are doomed to change the whole gameplay.


And for the elemental dragons, battles to slay them will become more and more intense as a turning point of the whole game. Because each of the dragon now gets multiple elemental buffs that will drastically enhance your champion abilities! Dragon spawns are changing to include a new set of elemental dragons and after 35 minutes it will be replaced by an Elder Dragon that offers big rewards.


Old time has passed, just get prepared for the coming of League of Mages! For more details , please check out the League of Legends official website.

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