League of Legends: Champion Mastery Coming to Live Soon

Riot has announced that they are almost ready to roll Champion Mastery over to live's normal, teambuilder, and ranked queues after an extended stay on PBE of League of Legends.  Check out the quick rundown of the changes Riot have made to the system since they debuted it on PBE:

Player tooltips - Player tooltips now indicate the sum of your champion mastery levels across all champions

Participating queues - Queues now have an icon that indicates whether or not they grant champion mastery points

League of Legends: Champion Mastery

Ceremony - Added sound effects to end-of-game champion mastery animations

Role ranks - Champions now gain new titles based on their primary roles as you gain mastery levels (Once he hits Champion Mastery level 3, Ziggs gains the title of "Invoker" based on his primary role as Mage, for example). These titles are displayed on-hover in your Profile and Champions tabs, as well as the end-of-game Champion Mastery results display.

Check out the Champion Mastery microsite for the full story or head over to the Champion Mastery FAQ for more information!

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