Tailiyah: Queen of Walls in League of Legends

We have soulwalker and timewalker, but have you thought of a wallwalker? League of Legends brings a new champion who can be entitled as Wallwalker or the Queen of Walls--Taliyah.


Walls are always playing as barriers to you, if you can’t cross it or break it through you have to find another way around. But they are shortcuts to Taliyah. Her passive skill Rock Surfing accelerates her speed when moving near walls out of combat. You think you push her to the dead end? No, walls help her to escape faster. So please keep her off the wall or in combat always. Even greater is the R for Weaver’s Wall bringing Taliyah far enough to make the fastest transportation in LoL.


With the Q for Threaded Volley providing 5 Stone Shards to deal damages one by one, the W for Seismic Shove and E for Unraveled Earth are capable of interrupting the enemies and slowing them down.

She is a perfect one for ganker as well as for teamfights contributor. Taliyah's AoE abilities give her masterful power over her enemies' positioning. She might use Seismic Shove to hurl and interrupt incoming juggernauts away from the fight, then slow the enemy team. Her Weaver's Wall can split the enemy team in half, giving Taliyah and her team the chance to gang up on exposed opponents before moving onto those left behind.


Once a teamfight has ended, Taliyah is able to rapidly cruise alongside jungle walls, catch up to escaping enemies or make her way to a far-flung tower. Once late-game hits and she drops a third point into her ultimate, its range increases enormously—she can steal an enemy blue buff after a fight, then Weaver's Wall to double-time it all the way to the enemy's Brambleback camp for the double-buff.
Check the gameplay from Redmercy:

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