Watch the League of Legends MSI Finals with Coke and Cinemark

The 2015 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational comes to the big screen, live and in HD. On May 10, Coca-Cola will be hosting viewing parties at a variety of Cinemark Theater locations across the US, letting players experience the live-streamed championship game of the latest addition to the League of Legends competitive esports calendar.

League of Legends MSI

The main event of the livestream will be the final battle between the two best regional champions from around the world. Coca-Cola and Cinemark are bringing the excitement of onsite fandom into the theaters through participant cheerboards, random giveaways, and collectible cups exclusive to Cinemark MSI ticket holders.

League of Legends MSI

Head over to Lolesports' Viewing Party page to find out specific theater locations for the event, as well as buy tickets for the show.

Source: lolesports

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