League of Legends All-Stars Paris 2014: Day 1 Video Review

League of Legends All-Stars Paris 2014 has just kicked off in Le Zenith Arena. As a start, Team Fire and Team ICE presented Ultra Rapid Fire showmatch. Obviously, Ezreal by Bjergsen and Lulu by WeiXiao carried their team, and won the match. The All-Star Invitational was coming after the showmatch. OMG and SK Telecom T1 K, the two powerful teams from Asia achieved two victories. There is going to be a match between OMG and SK Telecom T1 K on Day 2. Cloud 9 achieved a victory on Fnatic, while Taipei Assassins and Fnatic are looking forward to a victory on the second day of LoL All-Stars Paris 2014. Be sure to check out the following videos of Day 1:

League of Legends  All-Stars Paris 2014: Day 1

Team Fire vs Team ICE - Ultra Rapid Fire Showmatch

Team Fire Roster: Diamondprox, Bjergsen, Shy, WeiXiao, Archie
Team ICE Roster: Froggen, Doublelift, Madlife, CaoMei, QTV

League of Legends AllStars Paris 2014 Day 1 - Group Stage
OMG vs Fnatic

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