Cosplay Spotlight: Interview with Crashqueenbaby Cosplay

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

League of Legends

When did you first start cosplaying?

I decided that I wanted to start cosplaying in July 2014. I was worried at first since I had never done it before. I chose Misty from Pokemon and then later on that year I decided to do my first full cosplay and loved every moment of it!

Do you create all of your own costumes?

Absolutely! There’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears involved but in the end I'm proud. I do ask for help with prop making from my other half who also cosplays.

It's rare to see a couple that cosplays together. Did you have to convince your boyfriend to get into cosplaying? Did he convince you? Were you both cosplayers when you met?

I didn’t actually, no. He was already a cosplayer before I met him. I had never cosplayed before, but I really wanted to, thus he convinced me to gain more confidence and go for it! And we have cosplayed together ever since.

What do you like most about cosplaying?

I like being creative and the feeling of pride I get from something that I have made myself. I make pretty much everything from scratch and I get a great sense of accomplishment. But I’m also not going to lie I do love when people ask for pictures!

League of Legends

Which League of Legends champions have you cosplayed?

So far fully I’ve done classic Jinx, but I am also halfway through making Foxfire Ahri. I also want to cosplay as classic Ashe. League has some amazing costumes!

Who is your favorite champion to play?

Jinx naturally! I love playing Marksman, so there’s also Ashe. I do occasionally dabble with Ahri for a bit of something different.

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