League of Legends Top five most hated Dominion Champions

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

It’s no secret that Riot often neglects Dominion when it comes to balancing issues and as a result, you tend to see many of the same champions game after game. Some champions are quite overpowered while others are just downright annoying to play against due to the cheesy play style their kit encourages. Here are the top five most hated champions to face in Dominion. Chances are you’ll see at least one of them in your games.


5) LeeSin

Lee Sin is a very commonly played champion in Dominion because of his high mobility, solid damage, and a surprisingly high level of tankiness. He just does everything a little too well. Lee Sin has two dashes: Resonating Strike and Safeguard. Mobility is tantamount on a fast paced mode like Dominion so this fact alone is a major reason he is so strong. It is true that Lee first has to mark an enemy with Sonic Wave, but once he does he can dash to them from a range of 1,300. That is literally almost an entire screen away! There is pretty much no escape from a Lee Sin who has already marked you with Sonic Wave.

The Safeguard ability allows Lee Sin to dash into or out of a battle and also gives him a shield each time he uses it. Safeguard’s cooldown is reduced by half when Lee casts it on himself which allows him to absorb hundreds of extra damage in 1v1 duels by spamming it. Combine Lee Sin’s numerous shields with the fact a maxed out Iron Will gives him a bonus 25 percent life steal and spell vamp when activated, and it is obvious why he can be so hard to kill and why so many people choose to play him on Dominion. According to monthly charts on lolking.net, Lee Sin is the third most frequently picked champion on The Crystal Scar behind only Master Yi and Nidalee.

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