MMOsite Exclusive Interview with VG's League of Legends Team

MMOsite is glad to have this chance to make an interview with Vici Gaming, a famous e-sport club in China, consisted of Dota 2 team, StarCraft II team and League of Legends team:

1: The Vici of Vici Gaming comes from Latin, which means “I Conquered”in English. They have done a great job in Dota 2, and they want to get more success in League of Legends. To achieve the goal, Vici Gaming announced the pick-up of Cho "Mata" Se-hyeong, Choi "DanDy" In-kyu, and Lee "Heart" Gwan-hyun as part of their re-structuring for the 2015 season. It certainly will improve the team’s competition strength. And we would like to what your goal is in LPL, and do you have a detailed plan for the S5?

VG Team: in the next season, we will try our best to enter the final four in LPL so that we can join the qualifying competition to get a ticket to S5. We will make a detailed plan as soon as we make our way to S5.

VG's League of Legends Team

2: Although Vici Gaming has great ambitions for LPL and S5, you did not have a good play in the spring season. What do you think the existing problem to be in your team?

VG Team: as you know, our League of Legends team is a new team since we have brought in many new team members, and the cooperation of our team is still to be improved. Besides, we did not have enough time to practice teamwork and try our tactics. If we had more time to practice, we could have a better rank in the Spring season of LPL.

3: When VG League of Legends team is not working well, the star member Dandy becomes the focus of the public voice. As the jungle of S4 champion, it seems that he did not meet fans’ expectations. Is it because of personal status or teamwork?

VG Team: in the beginning of this season, Dandy was unable to have chemical reaction with teammates due to the little practice; therefore, we had a disappointing start. However, we had more matches and more training, and improved our rank in LPL. It’s what we have worked for.

VG's League of Legends Team

4: In LPL, we see many famous jungles with Dandy to be one of them. We would like to know which one Dandy thinks to be the most challenging to him. Kakao, Clearlove or?

VG Team: Clearlove! Because he has two top carry teammates in his team, and he is able to do more things in matches.

5: It is very important for jungle to cooperate with the three lanes in League of Legends. Vasilii, as the ADC of VG League of Legends team, did not achieve a qualified performance. Therefore, is it right that we say Vasilii has limited the performance of Dandy? What if Imp or Deft joins your team, will Dandy have more confidence to carry?

VG Team: I think every team needs enough practice to perform teamwork, even Imp or Deft is in our team.

VG's League of Legends Team

6: We have the same question for Mata. It is said that Mata joins VG because he likes to play with Dandy. Did it occur to him that he will have a better play if he still with Imp in LPL?

VG Team: it is great when Mata plays with Dandy. And he likes Imp, as well.

VG's League of Legends Team

7: Carry and Hetong are the two new members in LPL. They are skilled in their own lanes, but they did not carry their team in team fights. Is the lack of experience to be the main reason? Will we see them carry their team in the future of LPL?

VG Team: the lack of experience is being a part of the reason. The truth is that Hetong has a pain in his hand, and it certainly has an influence on his play. We hope to see them doing a better job in the future matches.

8: Which position is the core of your tactics?

VG Team: jungle and support are the two cores of our team, and we have also prepared many more strategies to play in different situations.

9: Compared to other new teams of LPL, VG League of Legends team seems to have drawn the most attention. In wich position do you place your team in LPL?

VG Team: at first, we want to make sure that we are still in LPL when the season ends. And we have achieved the goal since we rank the forth now. Therefore, we are satisfied now.

10: The competition is stiff in LPL, which teams do you think that have the ability to enter League of Legends S5?

VG Team: EDG and IG have the most possibilities, while we will try our best to get into the qualifying competition.

11: LCK is still a big power in S5. Although SKT and Samsung no longer dominate the league as they used to do, other teams have good performances. What do you think of it? Which teams do you like to see in League of Legends S5?

VG Team: GE and SKT will certainly show up in S5.

12: In the end, do you have some words want to say to our MMOsite readers? We wish VG League of Legends team a complete success in LPL and League of Legends S5!

VG Team: thanks a lot to the fans who have been supporting Vici Gaming all the time. And thanks to our sponsors: Tenwow Group, Dare-u, HuomaoTV, Biostar and HyperX. We will bring more exciting games to you.

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