Coming Soon: Hide Eye Candy in League of Legends

Author: MMOsite Writer Michael Fuchs

The newest feature to League of Legends may surprise you. It’s called “Hide Eye Candy”, and no, it isn’t a feature to cover up the more attractive champions in the game. Apparently, things like the butterflies, snakes, and water ripples that bring Summoner’s Rift to life are distracting to the top players of League of Legends.


(Note: Quote edited for spelling.) "Recently we added an option to the Game tab in the menu called Hide Eye Candy. Some of our more competitive players requested the option to hide some of the less subtle movement on Summoner’s Rift. We added the option to disable things like butterflies, dragonflies and the water wakes to help competitive players focus on what they care about, the gameplay.

The next PBE deploy should have the hook ups enabled. Let us know if we missed anything that should’ve been added and if you have any other feedback regarding this new option," wrote a Riot designer on the game's official forums.

There is no current available estimation of the amount of time this feature will take before it hits the live servers.

I can’t say that I’ve ever noticed of the eye candy during a League of Legends match, but if players think that it will improve their performance, more power to them – it’s one last thing for players to use as an excuse for their loss.

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