Cosplay Spotlight: Interview with DoubleKill Cosplay

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

DoubleKill Cosplay is a Russian cosplaying team comprised of makeup artists Helen Stifler and Angelica Lolibel. MMOsite recently had the opportunity to speak with the talented cosplay duo about League of Legends and their cosplay background.


How did you first become interested in cosplaying?

Helen Stifler: I became interested in cosplay many years ago when I watched my first anime, Elfen Lied. I was impressed by the characters and read a lot about this anime on the internet. Then one day I found cosplay photos and I really liked them! So I made my first cosplay from this anime and that's how I became a cosplayer.

Angelica Lolibel: Well, it was about eight years ago, a friend of mine took me to the anime festival where I got the opportunity to meet cosplayers and I was fascinated by their costumes. The hard work they put into making truly incredible cosplays amazed me, so I decided that I had to try it, too.

Which League of Legends characters have you cosplayed?

Helen Stifler: Katarina, Rengar, Ahri, Lux, Riven, Jinx, Elise, Aurelion Sol, Tristana, Syndra...there are too many characters. Better watch my Instagram!

Angelica Lolibel: I cosplayed Miss Fortune, Vi, Sona, Ashe, Lux, Annie, Teemo, and Jinx. I also did make-up of Shaco, Amumu, Poppy, and Aurelion Sol.


Who is your favorite champion to play in the game?

Helen: I like Lucian and Ahri! They are awesome to me.

Angelica: I main Sona. Can't do anything about it, she is the best champion I've ever played. I also love Ashe and I used to main her.

How did you two form "Doublekill Cosplay"? Did you know each other beforehand?

Helen:  We've known each other for many years. We just wanted to make something together, something that we both adore. So we made our Doublekill Cosplay page.

Angelica: She's like a sister to me so forming our small cosband was just a natural decision, especially after we started playing and cosplaying League of Legends.


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