League of Legends - New Rules for The LCS Summer Split

Author: MMOsite Writer Michael Fuchs

If you’re a fan of competitive League of Legends, you should know that Riot Games isn’t afraid to make changes so that the scene may thrive. In that spirit, Riot Games has made the following rule changes for the LCS Summer split.

League of Legends

• LCS officials now have the power to make decisions for urgent situations that are not covered by the rules – while some players may fear this will lead to abuse of power, Riot had the following to say: “This ruling will only be used in extreme circumstances that requires immediate attention in order to protect the health of the LCS and we’ll always give full context into how we weighed our decisions when any major actions are taken.”

North American and European LCS teams may now use substitutes between day 1 and day 2 of an LCS week

o These subs may also be used in-between games for a play-off series

o Teams are now required to have 3 substitutes on their roster (Previously 2)

o Substitutes must now have a Diamond III ranking (Previously Diamond V)

o Teams are limited to 6 players on their roster during the play-offs

• Riot has removed the “Exempt non-resident” status of players, and these players must declare their sole region of residency for play for the 2016 region.

• During playoffs, teams must decide which side they will play on, and then lock in their roster 72 hours before their first game is to be played

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