League of Legends Ekko Champion Spotlight Released

Riot has released a brand new League of Legends Champion Spotlight, which is focused on Ekko. Known as the boy who shattered time, this Zaun kid will be heading to Summoner's Rift with the 5.10 patch.

League of Legends Ekko

Ekko is a skirmisher carrying plenty of crowd control in his kit. In line with his time-manipulation theme, Ekko's abilities involve slowing enemies and granting him boons and speed. His R attack, Chronobreak, "rewinds" time by sending him back to where he was a few seconds ago, while granting a small portion of health back and dealing damage to surrounding enemies. Early reports claim his ultimate skill might require a nerf soon, but that tends to be the trend with new champions anyway.

Check out the video below:

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