Five More Dominion Tips for League of Legends

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

League of Legends - Dominion is a much faster paced game mode compared to Summoner's Rift. Dominion is very team fight oriented and many times high ranked Summoner's Rift players have trouble adjusting to the different play style required on The Crystal Scar. Here are five tips to help improve your Dominion game.


Have someone neutralize an enemy capture point while you fight under it.

One of the biggest mistakes players make in Dominion is when you are fighting under a capture point that the enemy controls, one person needs to be neutralizing that point so the turret will not fire at you. For example, if two of you are attempting to take an enemy capture point that one opponent is guarding, one of you should fight the enemy champion while the other neutralizes the turret. Most of the time the defending enemy champion is going to try to interrupt the person capturing the control point because he knows the turret is his best chance of defending it.


When you get interrupted, there is a slight delay before you are able to start capturing it again so if this happens, your teammate should immediately start neutralizing it instead and you go after the enemy champion. If he then gets interrupted, you switch roles again. Keep switching back and forth until the point is neutralized. Once neutralized, forgo capturing it completely until all enemy champions nearby are killed (also: don’t stop capturing to chase a retreating, low-health enemy. Sometimes it’s better to let him get away so you can capture faster).

Turrets on Dominion do a lot of damage, especially early on and can completely turn the tides of battle. A good rule of thumb is to consider an enemy capture point like another champion. If you have two people attacking one defender on their control point, it’s basically a two vs. two, not a two vs. one. Failing to neutralize a point while fighting under it will often result in a failure to win the battle.

This same principle should also be applied to larger team fights on enemy points. One person from your team, usually the support or the champion with the least health, needs to be neutralizing the point while everybody else dives in.

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