League of Legends: Top 10 Best Champions for New Players

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

At the time of this writing, there are 125 total champions available to play in League of Legends. This can often be quite overwhelming to new players who aren’t sure who they should start playing and who they should avoid until they’ve gained more experience. The “difficulty” bar Riot slapped on many champions isn’t very helpful at all since many of them are outdated and inaccurate. Considering Summoner’s Rift games can sometimes take up to an hour, a new player doesn’t want to make a mistake in champion selection and then suffer through getting owned for an hour. Some champs are much easier than others to play. Here are the top 10 best champions for new players.

10) Rammus


Rammus is a good champion for new players because of how tanky he is. He is very hard to kill, especially with the bonus armor and magic resist from activating his Defensive Ball Curl ability. Rammus is also extremely fast which helps him get back to the front lines quicker after being killed and also makes it easier for him to seemingly come out of nowhere for a gank. Rammus doesn’t really have any hard to land combos, either. Basically you just want to get close to an enemy and taunt them then let a nearby ally melt their health while they helplessly attack you. His item builds are straightforward and easy to learn – just make tons of armor and some magic resist if you need it.

9) Master Yi


Master Yi is one of the easiest champions to play in the game because there’s really nothing to him. He is a basic attack-reliant champion that also deals oodles of true damage via Wuju Style. Master Yi need only to dive bomb his enemies and that can often result in a free double or triple kill thanks to his outrageously high damage output. Not much skill involved in that! Like Rammus, his item builds are also very straightforward but rather than focusing on armor and magic resist, Master Yi simply focuses on attack speed and attack damage. There’s nothing hard about popping an ult and going to town on someone. Another good reason Master Yi is a good champion to play while learning the game is that he only costs 450 IP to unlock.

8) Xin Zhao


Like Master Yi, Xin Zhao is another easy to play champion that focuses on basic attacks and dive bombing enemies. Xin Zhao is one of the best duelists in the game. He has a bit more sustainability than Master Yi thanks to his passive which heals him during combat and his combo sequence couldn’t be simpler: activate Q, activate E, dash to an enemy with E, and then deal massive damage. Although he is most adept at single combat, Xin Zhao is also extremely deadly during an ambush and even if he is outnumbered his ultimate ability can help temporarily even the odds and allow Xin Zhao to deal with enemies one at a time.

7) Darius


Darius has one of the lowest difficulty bars in the game and with him it is one time that rating is actually accurate. Darius is easy to play in large part due to his ult which can deal tons of true damage to an enemy and if it kills them the cooldown is temporarily reset so it can be cast again. This is why Darius is so dangerous in group fights because he can “dunk” multiple enemies with his ult. Like Xin Zhao and Master Yi, Darius is a champion that heavily uses basic attacks. His abilities are all easy to learn: one hurts enemies around him, one empowers his basic attacks, and one pulls enemies to him. Nothing to it! One downside to playing Darius is that enemies might focus you more than others. Noxian Guillotine makes Darius a widely feared champion.

6) Caitlyn


Generally Marksman champions aren’t the best choice for new players because of how squishy they are. They take a lot of precision and finesse in order to play successfully. Caitlyn may be somewhat of an exception to that rule, however, because she has a longer attack range than most other ADCs (only four other champions in the game have a longer basic attack range but they are also much more complex to play overall). This enables a new player to stand back in relative safety and shoot enemies or farm minions. 90 Caliber Net also gives her an easy to use escape that can make distance between her and an enemy champion if she does get in trouble and her long range targeted ultimate makes it easy to pick off low health champions trying to flee without having to put herself in any danger by trying to chase them.

5) Warwick


Warwick is an awesome champion because he is ridiculously tanky. If you build him with AP, Hungering Strike will heal him for quite a bit and boosting his attack speed with items and Hunter’s Call maximizes the healing he receives from his passive. Eventually he will be able to literally stand there attacking you and out-healing the damage many champs can even deal to him. Spirit Visage is definitely a must-have item for Warwick! The movement speed boost Warwick receives from Blood Scent makes ganking with him a little easier and his ultimate ability is one of the best in the game for locking down ganks. Properly timing a gank can be one of the hardest parts of the game to master and playing Warwick makes that easier for inexperienced players. Warwick is another champion that only costs 450 IP to unlock.

4) Alistar


Speaking of tanky champions, Alistar is another easy one to play. He can become nearly impossible to kill late game thanks to his ult, which temporarily reduces physical and magic damage he takes by a whopping 70%. This alone makes him a great champ for new players because nobody likes to die. New players especially need to stay alive as long as possible so they can experience different abilities from different champions and learn their capabilities. If a player gets blown up in one or two seconds, it won’t be much of a learning experience for him. The one thing that can be tough about Alistar is learning when and how to use his Headbutt ability since it knocks an enemy back. For example, you don’t want to use it while chasing an enemy because it will only help them get away.

3) Annie


Most of the champions on this list have been AD based but some players may want to start out using an ability power champion instead. As one of the most basic mages out there, Annie is a good AP champion for beginners. She is pretty straightforward without things like stacks of something to worry about building up. Her abilities are all pretty basic like an aimed fireball and a cone of fire and they all have pretty decent range on them. Annie is primarily a middle lane champion on Summoner’s Rift. The fact she is only 450 IP to unlock doesn’t hurt her cause either.

2) Cho’Gath


Cho’Gath is one of the champions many players start out with because he is often one of the champions the bots use against you when you are first starting out and playing matches against A.I. While a bit more complicated than Annie, his abilities are all still very easy to use. For example, Rupture has a long enough range that it can be cast from afar. It may take a little time to learn how to effectively aim, however. Cho’Gath is a champion that players can use to learn how to play mid lane and I think he is slightly better than Annie due to the range of Rupture which allows you to stay back. Feasting upon an enemy can also be quite satisfying.

1) Garen


Garen is an excellent champion for new players and probably the easiest on this list to use. First of all, he doesn’t have any mana so that is one less resource you have to worry about. You never have to worry about mana management and that’s a big plus. He doesn’t even generate fury or anything weird like that. Garen has a good combination of tankiness, damage output, and speed. He also has a passive that generously heals him while out of combat which will cut down on the number of times you will have to recall to heal. Garen is so simple to play that he is described as “spin to win” by some players because all you really have to do is max out your Judgment ability and then use it anytime you’re near an enemy. This ability also makes it really easy to clear out minion waves. The fact Garen only costs 450 IP is yet another reason he is the best choice for new players to start out with.

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