League of Legends: Re-re-reworked Ryze Now Available on Test Server


The rune mage Ryze is one of the OG champions that hit Rift just a few months after League of Legends. With fast skill cast ability and various skill combos, Ryze seems to be an too overpowered Champ in expert hand, and too confusing opponent for newbies. Although he has been reworked for three or four times, he is still too hard to learn. According to the recent official announcement, the designers have killed the stacking/cooldown mechanic on his passive, but reworked some elements of it into his other abilities. What' s more, there is a big change about his R skill. His ult now can open a portal to a short distance away. An absolutely strategic skill for your whole team now!

The worked Ryze just lands on the test server and will come to the public server soon.

Check out the following gameplay video by youtuber Redmercy

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