Dominion Players Battle for Superiority in Azubu Crystal Cup

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

Some League of Legends players might be surprised to learn Dominion had its own competitive level tournament last week called the Azubu Crystal Cup. The tournament was hosted by Azubu and eSportspedia and saw eight teams competing for $250 worth of cash prizes. The top team won $150, second place got $50, and third and fourth each got $25 (keep in mind prizes are split five ways since there are five active players per team). This might not seem like much but considering entry was free, nobody was complaining.

League of Legends Dominion

The tournament featured some of the best Dominion players in the game. Team Clueless seemed to be a community favorite to win it all going into the tournament and indeed easily made it to the finals with three consecutive game wins over Whine and Cheese and Church of b8erade. Clueless then faced off against rivals and past Dominate Dominion champions “Killing Dominion Since 2011.” Killing Dominion Since 2011 took the first game rather handily but Clueless was much better prepared for the second game. Game Two was incredibly close and could have gone either way. In the end, Killing Dominion Since 2011 ended up edging out Clueless by a mere 16-0 score to win the game and the tournament.

League of Legends Dominion

Riot Games has never really spent much time working on the Dominion game mode and with the recent cancellation of the weekly Dominate Dominion tournaments, the Dominion community has seemed to be shrinking lately so it is awesome to see the mode get an officially recognized eSports event. Dominion takes just as much skill and teamwork as Summoner’s Rift does (many in the Dom community would even argue it takes more) but many players tend not to give it a chance or just use the mode to goof around.

“I prefer Dominion because it condenses the League of Legends experience. The combat and decision making aspects of League are emphasized while the farming and waiting parts are tucked away,” said wolferer, one of the players of team Clueless.

The Azubu Crystal Cup isn’t the first official eSports tournament that has featured Dominion. LoLPro previously held two “Dominion Showdown” tournaments in 2013 which had even larger prize pools. Hopefully competitive tournaments such as the Azubu Crystal Cup and Dominion Showdown will help Dominion gain the recognition it deserves in the League of Legends eSports community going forward.

For more information about the Crystal Cup including full brackets, check out the tournament listing on

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