Soccer Club Sporting Lisbon Joins League of Legends Esport


It was reported Sporting Clube de Portugal also known as Sporting Lisbon will enter ESports this month, engaging in portuguese League of Legends. Sporting Clube de Portugal is a famous Portugal soccer club that has many nurtured talents like Ballon d’Or recipients Cristiano Ronaldo and Luís Figo. Until now the club has approached several teams that are fielding rosters in the Liga Portuguesa de League of Legends (LPLOL).


As ESports continue to gain momentum, many soccer clubs has decided to get closer to their fans and joined EA FIFA ESports. Sporting Lisbon seems to be the few clubs who decided to join a totally soccer- irrelevant field, like LoL ESports, as the same time. But it shows that the traditional sport clubs get to value the development of ESports and make their attempt in this brand new field.


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