League of Fighters: 2D Fighting Game Created by LoL Fans

Ever wish you could take the champions from League of Legends and put them into a Street Fighter sort of game? Well it seems you're not the only one as a group of fans are creating a 2D fighting game with the characters from League of Legends.

League of Fighters is purely a fan made game with no profit intended. The game is anything but a standard fighting game, adopting game mechanics similar to League of Legends. Spells or attacks will work the same as in the game, for example, have the same cooldowns.

Players will be able to choose their summoner spells when they select a character, using smash controls for the inputs makes the game suitable for anything from a keyboard top a stick. With an added Assist system players will be able to call on their favourite champions for a gank. According to the official website, even characters that are not exactly suited to a fighting game, like Kogmaw will still be available for the "Call for Gank" feature. This reeks of pure win!

League of Fighters will include a single player mode, local and online multiplayer, and will be free-to-play for PC. Below you can check out the teams progress and some gameplay footage.

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