Champion Reveal: Kled, the Cantankerious Cavalier


Literally, League of Legends is themed on champions and PVP battels. The existing champion base offers rich gameplay and keeps playersengaged in such fantasy world. However, for a competitive MOBA game, it is obviously not enough. That is why such frequent stats update and new champion release happen, always keeping the game refreshed.


And this week another new champion just hit the Summoner's Rift, Kled the Cantankerious Cavalier. Known as murderous yourdle, featuring mount and skill mechanism, this little yourdle is doom to draw much attention and will enjoy a great popularity among players. Check it out!






At my first sight of it, I associate it with Rumble and Gnar who are both yourdle and share some commons with it in mount as Rumble and two fight forms as Gnar. Apparently, Kled is more complicated thanks to Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard and the champion's impressive skill combos.

According to the champ reveal, Kled is good for top line and jungle. Decent attack range, flexible skill combos, fast support abilities, tankiness and stickiness makes Kled the almighty fighter with rich gameplay.

For more in-depth insights about Kled, you can the online discussion with Kled designer’s Harrow on Twitch to know more.

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