League of Legends - Reworked Gangplank Champion Review

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

Riot Games recently reworked one of League of Legends’ long standing champions, Gangplank, as part of the 5.14 patch. Gangplank was released way back in 2009 and has been a fan favorite for awhile. At the time of this writing, Gangplank has been disabled and cannot be played as he apparently “died” during the Bilgewater Event. Rest assured, there is no way that he remains dead permanently. For one, Riot just spent a bunch of time creating, implementing, and testing this new rework so obviously they aren’t going to let all that effort to go waste for one week of play. Secondly, many players have apparently been asking for refunds upon seeing he was killed, especially people that spent real money on Gangplank skins, and Riot has denied them all. Clearly this indicates he will be enabled once again at some point in the probably not too distant future. So let’s compare the reworked Gangplank with the old one.


Reworked Gangplank Champion

One major change to Gangplank was his passive got completely changed. Grog Soaked Blade is no more and has been replaced by a new passive called Trial by Fire. Trial by Fire is far and away superior to Grog Soaked Blade. Every few seconds, Trial by Fire will cause Gangplank’s next basic attack to ignite an enemy which deals 20 + (10 × Gangplank's level) + 120% bonus AD in TRUE DAMAGE over 1.5 seconds. Not only that, it will also give Gangplank a +30% movement speed boost for two seconds. Compare this with Grog Soaked Blade which slowed an enemy champion by 7% and dealt a measly 3 + Gangplank’s level in magic damage per second, over three seconds.

You’ll know when Trial by Fire is ready as Gangplank’s blade will burst into flames. Obviously Trial by Fire has a higher damage output but the fact it also deals true damage rather than magic damage makes it very formidable. Trial by Fire can also be instantly refreshed by destroying one of Gangplank’s powder kegs, but we’ll get more into that ability later.

Reworked Gangplank Champion

Gangplank’s Q is still Parrrley and still works in the same fashion with just a few slight tweaks to it. First off, it can no longer apply Trial by Fire while before it used to be able to apply Grog Soaked Blade. So in that regard, it’s worse. It can still hit critically and apply other on-hit effects like lifesteal, red buff, and Statikk Shiv, though. A few other effects were added to make up for this. If you kill an enemy, with Parrrley you will not only plunder some bonus gold but now you also get a refund of half the ability’s mana cost and also gain a new Gangplank-specific resource called Silver Serpents which can later be spent to upgrade his ultimate. So compared with the old Parrrley, the ability is better overall if you time it right. Timing is critical because you want to kill any minion you hit with it. Otherwise you lose out on gold, Serpents, and mana.

Remove Scurvy is still Gangplank’s W and it still works the same way as well. It removes all crowd control effects and heals you when used. It got buffed though because now not only does the healing effect scale based on Gangplank’s ability power, it also heals based on a percent of his missing health. This makes it much more useful for actually healing rather than just saving it to shake off a stun or blind. The new Remove Scurvy does cost more mana as you level it up, but it is still superior to the old version.

Reworked Gangplank Champion

Gangplank’s E got changed completely. Raise Morale got replaced by a new ability called Powder Keg. When activated, Gangplank will place a powder keg on the map which lasts for up to 60 seconds or when destroyed by him or enemies. Kegs have to be hit three times to “die.” If an enemy champion scores the last hit on a keg, then the keg gets disarmed and the champion earns some gold. If Gangplank gets the last hit on a keg, however, it explodes dealing massive area of effect physical damage that ignores a majority of enemy armor and also slows them by 40% to 80% two seconds. It can even hit critically.

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