Which Champions Does Impact Think are OP?

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

Impact is one of the most widely recognized League of Legends players in eSports today. He has spent time on several different professional League of Legends teams and currently plays top lane for Team Impulse. Impact won the League of Legends Season Three World Championship in 2013 as part of SK Telecom T1 and has several notable tournament wins under his belt from 2014 as well. Most recently, he helped Team Impulse place fourth at the 2015 Riot North American League Championship Series Spring Playoffs and secured third place during the 2015 NA LCS Summer Round Robin where he was named the Week Nine MVP after racking up an impressive 11.6 KDA with Gnar and Shen.


According to esportsearnings.com, Impact has taken home over $250,000 in tournament winnings since 2012, ranking him among the most successful professional League of Legends players ever. I recently spoke with Impact about League of Legends and how he got into pro gaming.

So how did you first become interested in eSports?

I first became interested in eSports while watching competitive games from the original StarCraft. The fans always went so crazy.

Have you ever / do you play any other games competitively other than League of Legends?

No, I’m actually pretty bad at other games but I played a lot of WarCraft III use map settings games just for fun. I also play some CS: GO for fun.

eSportspedia has Gangplank listed as one of your favorite champions. What did you think of his recent rework?

The reworked Gangplank is a lot better than before and he is more fun to play too. Gangplank was also one of the most played champs since Season One.


Do you have a favorite champion to play when you are just messing around?

Top Azir and top Rengar. Azir is very strong in lane phase and Rengar is so squishy.

Is there a champion who you think is legitimately OP?

Elise and Nidalee are pretty OP. Both have high damage and high mobility.

What is your best tournament memory?

The Season Three summer LCK match against Samsung Ozone.

What kind of commitment should someone devote to training on LoL?

Play as much as you can. This game is all about the damage dealer so if you think you’re good enough, then pick a carry role and practice in that role.

Do you have any advice for players out there who want to start playing League of Legends competitively?

Play more games and watch more competitive matches instead of reading this interview, hahaha.

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