League of Legends Guides: What Makes a Qualified Support

The current versions of League of Legends are giving AD Carry more buffs, which leads to that the bot are receiving an increasing attention. However, there is only quite limited room for ADC to improve. Now, you might shift your gaze to support.

League of Legends Support Guides

In S4, Riot has been making efforts on the bot. Champions now have a free sight ward, which helps to release support’s economic pressures. Besides, support’s economic capability is enhanced by spells and equipments. ADC is still the main force, and support standing closely should try to perform better in the team. Here are the suggestions on how to be a qualified support:

As a support, you should be able to finish the following basic tasks:


Sight has been a common topic in League of Legends. The change of sight in the new version makes the fight for it more intense. As a support, you should know put ward to protect your ADC and Mid. Put wards in the jungle of opposite side to detect the move of their jungler. Wards for dragon and Baron are also very necessary. In addition, as a support, you should be able to guess where your enemy puts their wards. With it, you can retake the sight and make a good preparation for the next team battle. To accomplish a good job in the control of sight, there is quite a lot of work to do, but you check out the following image to see where to put your wards:

League of Legends Support Guides

The red is for Vision Ward, while the blue is for Stealth Ward.

Communicate with ADC

This is a huge issue since there are two champions in the bot. Therefore, it is very important for ADC and support to communicate well and effectively. For example, support found a good chance to attack, while ADC was farming. Uzi is the AD Carry of Royal Club, a team in LPL, and his support is a Korean named Zero. In interviews, UZI said that he sometimes didn’t know that zero has Ignite, and if he joined the fight, they would kill enemies. However, it did not happen. As a support, you should communicate with your ADC more to get advantages in the bot. 

Keep your position in mind

As a support, you should keep in mind that your bounden duty is to protect ADC. If you put all your efforts on the attack of enemies’ back row, your ADC might be killed without your protection, which may lead to a defeat in the team battle.

It has been not bad if you can achieve the goals above; but if you want be a qualified support, you need to do more:

Start a support in a proper time

Timing is the most important in such situations, and don’t forget to communicate with your ADC. For example: having reached level 3, and just after a small fight, both sides go home. In this situation, you may choose to go back to the bot. If I were you, I would start a gank in the jungle or the middle, especially when you are using champions such as Thresh, Annie or Blitzcrank who has control skill. You ADC will out be under huge pressure when he goes back to the bot, and your enemies might think that you are behind him. When you spear in the mid or the jungle, it will be too late for your enemies to take action. It will be good if the gank succeeded. If not, it will also put pretty pressure on the mid or the jungler of the opposite site.

League of Legends Support Guides

Remember enemies’ ward time and ask teammates to gank

The enemies’ support put a ward to protect his ADC. For you, be sure to remember the time. When the ward is about to vanish, most of summoners will choose to put a new ward. At this time, it will be good for you to ask your jungler, even your mid or the top, to help kill the support, and then send the ADC of the opposite site back to his home. It will certainly help you to accumulate advantages in the bot.

Put on a play

Because you are a support, you will be putting on a play during most of the time. As a support, it is always your job to start a team battle. When you play Thresh, throws out a lantern on your back. Most people will believe that there are teammates coming after you. When you are a support, be a good actor and put on a show.

League of Legends Support Guides

Choose the right equipment

As a support, you should choose the right equipments. When your enemies have several control skills, you should buy a Mikael's Crucible, even it is more expensive now. If faced with high magic AOE damage, use Locket of the Iron Solari. In conclusion, a qualified support should know to choose the right equipments according to the situations.

Computing time

Most people do not like to compute time, while this happens to be a support’s job. A support does the most time computation. Compute the time of wards, buff and skills and, etc. When you are sensitive of all kinds of time, you are on the way to become a legend.

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