Core Defense Items Will Be Added in the 5.16 Patch

The upcoming League of Legends 5.16 patch will add defense items for players, and the existence of these high powered items create a world where any new item has to be almost equally high powered to compete.


"This necessitates a rebalancing of power across the board such that it can be acceptable of new items being introduced," Riot Games explained. "I suspect that this changelist isn't going to be particularly exciting - especially compared to AP - but these changes were made to provide an easier environment to balance introducing new defensive items that we'll be introducing in the same patch."


And while that patch may go by without much controversy, not so for a recent dev blog in which Riot soundly rejected player requests for a sandbox test mode in League of Legends, saying that the community should be playing the game and not "grinding" in sandbox mode to learn it.

Source: Massively

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