Riot Released Champion Spotlight Video for Gnar

Riot has released a brand new Champion Spotlight video for Gnar, the latest champion for League of Legends. The video will take you through the play style and skills of this Gnarvellous character. Gnar is an interesting addition to League of Legends with the double forms of Mini-Gnar and Mega-Gnar, each form having its own strengths and weaknesses.

League of Legends Gnar

The video gives an overview of Gnar's abilities in both forms, and then runs through a quick guide to handling combat situations with the hoppy little bundle of rage. Essentially, it's all about keeping an eye on when you'll transform and making the most of the situation, hopping in and out as the change takes you and wears off. Gnar is best suited to the top lane and he’s a tank and fighter when all raged up. He may look nice and cute in the picture but this is one mean yordle.

Check out the video below:

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