Is This LoL Concept Art Album Taking $75 From Your Wallet?

An album of League of Legends’ concept art and backstories telling you how the champions are designed, will you buy it at a price of $75? Let’s have a look before turning your back at it. Click here to preview online before you purchase it.


The concepts of every champion are not forged in one day, they have the behind-scene stories before showing up to us. You must be familiar with Ahri’s story, but what about her origination? We have seen their abilities in battlefields and now we can see the careful detail and attention that contributes to those champions.




It is always inspiring to know where things are from and the classic cover makes it worthy to be put on your book shelf. Maybe one day you can pick it up and tell your grandchildren your best memories of LoL. Anyway, will you store it for the price?

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