New League of Legends Champion Is Now Coming!

Last week, League of Legends revealed an eerie video on its Facebook page teasing the release of a new champion. We're almost ready to breathe life into League's next champion, a marksman designed for a life in the jungle. Now Kindred is coming!


Who exactly are the lamb and wolf? Their name is Kindred, and just like the pale man in the story, they make up two halves of a whole. Kindred prowls through camps, marking enemy champions for death and permanently growing in strength if they're able to carry out the promised sentence.


But just as Kindred brings death, so can they delay it. Should their allies meet deadly force, Lamb - one of Kindred's two spirits - can create a large blessed zone that, for a few valuable seconds, denies the ever-creeping and inevitable clutches of death.


For more info about the new champion, please visit the League of Legends Official Website.

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