LoL New Champion: Peaceful Jungle Hunter Ivern

The latest released champion Ivern might remind you of Groot and its tree appearance implies that he is an expert in the jungles. But different from others ravening resources from the jungles, Ivern does it peacefully and more effectively. He is a jungle champion in League of Legends.


Ivern is born to be a jungle champion for his passive ability Friend of the Forest. This ability costs him certain health and mana to collect full gold and full experience from non-epic monster without hurting them. Ivern can just shuttle through jungles, lay a grove and go to the next and then collect his bounties later. It is easy and simple, jungle is like the home to Ivern! But do remember hazard and wealth co-exist in the jungle, as Ivern has to consume health and mana for growing a grove, he will be easily exposed to gankers in low health. How to control his health line and harvest speed will be the core of gameplay.


Ivern can also help his teammates with Brushmaker, which generates brush for a hide or to extend his own attack range. His Triggerseed can shield an ally and slow the enemies nearby, don’t forget to call Daisy for help when you are short in champions.

Here is the video by Brofresco for you to have a glimpse of Ivern’s abilities and gameplay:

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