Most Broken Dominion Champions Revisited

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

Back in February, I wrote an article titled Top 10 Most Broken Dominion Champions in League of Legends. Since that article was published, a lot has changed in the game. There have been numerous patches and new champions released which have changed the meta of Dominion. The article is already out of date so I thought it would be appropriate to revisit the subject with an updated list. Here are the current top 10 most broken Dominion champions in my opinion as someone who battles exclusively on The Crystal Scar:

10) Darius


After Darius’s rework, he was a little underpowered. The delay on his Q made it feel like you were playing through lag even when you weren’t lagging. Riot then buffed him in the patch immediately following his rework and increased the amount of healing Darius receives from Decimate. This seemingly small tweak was enough to send him into the OP range and legitimately break him on Dominion. Darius now has the ability to soak as much damage as tanks while dealing as much damage as assassins. That’s a stupid combo. It’s not uncommon to see Darius players lead the game in both damage taken AND damage dealt. That speaks more to the strength of the champion than it does to the skill of the player. Thanks to the Noxian Might aspect of his passive, Darius doesn’t even need to rely on the 900+ true damage from his ult to get kills anymore.

9) Master Yi

Master Yi

Good ol’ Master Yi still makes the list due to the fact he can deal tons of true damage and can also become untargetable at will via Alpha Strike. Master Yi is mindless to play. You’re almost EXPECTED to get double and triple kills at will when playing Master Yi on Dominion. Anything less than a 15 to 20 kill game as this guy is viewed as a disappointing performance. He’s just that easy. As long as you play aggressively and dying doesn’t bother you, which it shouldn’t on Dominion anyway, you’re guaranteed to rack up kill after kill as this guy.

8) Irelia


Irelia is a newcomer to the list but in all fairness she probably should have been included in the previous list. She has started to become more and more popular on Dominion recently so her power level is more obvious of an issue now. Irelia has a little bit of everything. She’s tanky, she’s fast, she has a dash, she has a stun, she has built-in tenacity which stacks with regular tenacity items, she heals herself with every attack, and worst of all she deals oodles of true damage. Irelia only really needs one item to dominate: Trinity Force.

Irelia is one of those champions that you just never seem to be able to hurt and yet at the same time she melts your health away regardless of her item build. She gets further rewarded if you have more health than she does by giving her a two second on-demand stun. By the time the stun wears off, she has usually drained away at least half your health bar and you’re forced to flee. Even the tankiest of champions, like Volibear, stand no chance against Irelia because having more health than her only puts you at a DISADVANTAGE when fighting her.

7) Fiora


Fiora is another new addition to the list. Fiora has really become a bane on Dominion after her rework. Similar to Irelia, she deals tons of true damage and heals herself. Fiora can also heal her allies, though. You may have noticed a trend that champions who are making this list are able to deal true damage aplenty. That is because the increasing prevalence of true damage is ruining League of Legends.

The newly reworked Riposte is what breaks Fiora on Dominion the most. Becoming literally immune to all damage and crowd control effects for roughly one full second is overpowered for obvious reasons. Fiora can shrug off multiple ults or completely negate stuns and blinds. This basically means that when dueling her, one of your abilities (of her choosing) is no longer available for you to use because if she will just parry it when she sees it coming. Not cool. Add to that the fact she can routinely deal upwards of over ONE THOUSAND true damage per engagement while also healing herself and her inclusion on this list of utterly broken champions becomes a no brainer. Not much skill involved here.

6) Jax


Jax used to rank number four on the list but has been bumped down a few spots. Not because he is any weaker himself per se, but because some new champions that were released in the meantime now rank above him. Jax is still problematic and his ability to become invulnerable to basic attacks is one of the reasons why squishy Marksmen champions that rely on said basic attacks for damage are pretty much unplayable on this mode. Activate Counter Strike then hop onto them for an easy kill. Rinse, repeat.

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