League of Legends 2014 World Championship Game Videos

The League of Legends 2014 World Championship has come to an end in Sangam Stadium. Samsung White took away the champion, defeating Star Horn Royal Club in a 3-1 rout. Samsung White support Mata won the 2014 World Championship MVP. He finished the tournament 18/27/253, with a 10.04 KDA, all the while serving as Samsung White's strategic mastermind and shotcaller. Royal Club finished second place again in the World Final.



Game 1 did not bode well for anyone hoping for an exciting night. From the outset, Samsung White had the upper hand, winning a close level-one fight and snowballing their advantage from there. This was particularly highlighted by well-executed dives both mid and top. The game fell off the rails for Star Horn when an aggressive push on bot tower ended up costing them several deaths, a moment spiked by a pin-point shock blast by Pawn.


Star Horn Royal Club had a better team composition in Game Two. Despite having a great early game, a fight bottom lane turned into a 5 versus 5 brawl that ended in a 5:4 in Samsung White's favor -- a crucial moment defined by a couple of Star Horn's key mistakes. From there, some sloppy plays and great out-plays by Samsung White snowballed the mid game in their favor.


But Star Horn would not be going down without a fight. While Game 3 looked like it would go much the same as the previous two after Imp made a great Twitch roam mid to pick up a kill, Star Horn Royal Club was able to outplay Samsung White in the early game overall, turning key team fights. Pawn was consistently outplayed while he was on Fizz, and Uzi came up huge in multiple team fights down the stretch.


It was a short-lived hope, however. Game 4 resembled Game 1 in terms of dominance for Samsung White. DanDy appeared to be everywhere on the map, orchestrating clutch counterganks to thwart inSec's Pantheon Grand Skyfall ganks. A few more overzealous dives by Star Horn Royal Club ended similarly before a white-wash teamfight and dragon put the game out of reach. From there, Samsung never gave an inch and took the game.

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