Cosplay Spotlight: Interview with Danielle Beaulieu

Author: MMOsite Writer Alexander Hinkley

Danielle Beaulieu

Photo by Vander Photography

League of Legends is one game that definitely provides a lot of opportunity for cosplayers to showcase their skills because new champion skins are constantly being released which gives them seemingly perpetual material to work with. The same champion can be cosplayed in two, three, even four or more vastly different outfits.

Danielle Beaulieu is world famous for her League of Legends cosplays and hands down one of the most talented out there. Danielle has cosplayed as some fan favorite characters like Caitlyn (her Caitlyn is insanely good – be sure to scroll to the bottom of the article to see it) and Katarina as well as other characters you don’t see all too often such as Fiddlesticks and Taric. Who else could pull off a genderbent Fiddlesticks and make it work so well? I recently sat down with Danielle to talk about the game and her cosplaying.

Danielle Beaulieu

Photo by Steve Yang Photography

How did you first get into cosplaying?

I used to make costumes with my dad for Halloween, which turned into making costumes of my favorite Pokémon and anime characters. When I was thirteen or fourteen years old, my friend introduced me to my first anime convention and we both went as Kingdom Hearts characters (our obsession at the time). I’ve been going to Anime Boston every year now for a decade!

Who would you say is your favorite champion from League of Legends?


Which champion is the most OP in your opinion? Which should Riot buff?

I think Annie is pretty overpowered… and they should buff her.

Danielle Beaulieu

Photo by Anna Cosplay Photography

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